Gunter Klötzer
Specialist for B2B communication. At all levels and channels.

Business Development in times of digitalization.


Services are abstract. Software solutions, highly complex. Business analyses are difficult to understand. Only what is understood can excite.

To attract business partners, challenging issues have to be presented in an easily accessible manner. So I listen attentively to the consultants, tax experts, and accountants around me, ask for clarification, compress the data, and translate it all visually. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Digitalization also characterizes visual communication. I develop communication strategies and media in the context of business development. In close cooperation with partners and specialist teams, I create talkbooks, quote documents, and handouts. These materials represent visual digitalization as well as offer a haptic experience. The potential client receives documents reduced to the essentials and that radiate expertise and build trust.

The aim of the subsequent presentations is to reach the addressee on an emotional level and to win them as clients. This is achieved through a customized solution that offers a balanced use of presentation media, which I then train teams how best to deploy.

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